Purchase a minimum of 1 GIFT token and proceeds will be invested to start new businesses, expansions or ventures headed by MMC Business. GIFT tokens can be used to

  • Sell for a higher price on the exchange
  • Barter with other members, seekers and enthusiast
  • Purchase items on our store (Coming Soon)
  • Pay Bills (Coming Soon)
  • Worldwide remittance (Coming Soon)

By supporting our movement, you will earn daily GIFT dividends from MMC Business profit sharing plan. This program is open to anyone from anywhere. Follow the steps below to start your journey.

  1. Purchase 1 GIFT token on the SDEX.
  2. Fill up the form below with your stellar wallet address
  3. Wait for approval which can takes up to 24 hours
  4. Once you get approval confirmation sent to your email, you will start to receive daily dividends on the next day. Your GIFT can now be use without the need to hold and remain GIFT trustline to enjoy daily GIFT forever.